Day 115

September 3, 2014 – Wednesday


115/200; 9/3/14: Every single day there are 100 shimmering flashes of happy, gratitude, amusement, merriment, joy, solace, serenity…maybe even just a solitary quiet moment to take a deep breath by yourself. No one day is, by itself, inherently & completely “bad” or “good”, and perspective changes the world’s reflection.
THIS is the doorway to my class building, a door that was locked shut to me a mere 2 years ago. I only now (as I’m posting this) realized the door is open, literally, every time I approach the building. (I’m sure this will change with winter.) I’m taking this as a sign & an invitation to soak up the next steps of my journey.
#100happydays #200happydays #philosophy#metaphysics #journey #newpaths #newstory


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