Day 34

June 14, 2014 – Saturday


34/100, 6/14/14: There was a moment of absolute undeniable clarity & serenity unlike any others lately, which washed over me like the cleansing by a tsunami. And for the 1st time, in a very long time, I felt peaceful–calm in a way that has escaped me far too long–an embodiment of “home”, if such a thing should exist. Perhaps it’s the whiskey talking, but I’d rather liken it to the gentle nod of camaraderie from a stranger who was also outside enjoying the breeze & harbor air, the melange of comforting city noises & sighs, and the stinging drag of poisonous fumes directly pipelined into his lungs. God damn me, I love this city.
#100happydays #acceptance #home #joy #serenity
 — at Fraunces Tavern Restaurant.


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