Day 8

May 19, 2014 – Monday


8/100 #100happydays The magnolias call me home.


I took this picture on Slope Day 2014, on Cornell University’s Ithaca campus. I only ever first saw a Magnolia when I came to Ithaca. I remember the first time I saw a tree, while I was driving on East Hill. I felt like it was the most majestic being I had ever been blessed to lay eyes on. It was quite literally love at first sight. As I transitioned into my new life in this strange city, I realized they had to be the Guardians. There were just too many of them to not be! When I found my new home, I didn’t see the magnolia tree right around the corner for quite some time. But the first time I touched a petal, I felt like this is what my soul would feel like if I could serve it to my lover on a platter: thick, warm, plushy and sweet.


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